Truly Scrumptious, like many businesses, started in the Coronavirus pandemic, 2022.

Lindsey, TS Events' founder, was signed off work from her previous profession due to losing her father to cancer. Not long into Lindsey's journey and acceptance of the loss of her father, the pandemic had well and truly arrived, and we were in a nation lockdown.

Within a fortnight, Lindsey found herself in a lockdown with her mother-in-law, husband and two (now home-schooled) teenagers. During this time, Lindsey's daughter had Business Studies home learning. Together, they made gift hampers for their neighbours, friends and family. Over time, this grew and friends and family asked us both to make them hampers for their friends and family, and so on.

Lindsey's daughter was happy to pass the baton over and pursue her own personal interests. Throughout this time, Truly Scrumptious was an outlet, therapy, passion, and hobby. But most importantly, it was healing the pain from heartbreak and grief. Three years later, we have evolved and we are where we are today!

We are passionate about our events, the community and people.

Kevin, Lindsey's husband, is a huge support: from 2am 'idea wakeup calls', manning the car parks at our events, and this year we will see him supporting our day trips and driving the minibus! 

Truly Scrumptious has now evolved into TS Events, providing live evening performances, as well as coach trips for a day out to events around the country.